The Labyrint of Drak Theatre is a unique modern construction. It is created to suit the need to connect art and education, which is the ultimate task of contemporary theatre. Labyrint offers endless possibilities to experience the secrets of theatre as well as our surrounding world.

Besides the puppet museum and an interactive laboratory, Labyrint hosts a variety of creative and educational programmes, facilities for children and young adult ensembles, or short-term exhibitions and workshops organised under the auspices of the International Institute of Figurative Theatre.

Opening Hours

Saturday –Sunday* 10.00–17.00

Last tour – one hour before the closing

* On Sundays (6. March, 10. April, 1. May, 5. June) public tours are limited to 14:00 due to Nedělání (Sundoing) – family afternoons in animated Labyrint (workshops, theatre, treasure hunt).



Basic entrance: 70,– CZK

students, disabled, pensioners: 50,– CZK
family entrance – 3 members: 180,– CZK
family entrance – 4 members: 200,– CZK
group: 60,- CZK (per person)

Family passes can be applied.

Virtual tour

You may visit the Labyrint of Drak Theatre in virtual tour.

The Labyrint of Drak Theatre

Labyrint was created in 2010 in one of the former Terezian barracks buildings.  After the reconstruction Labyrint was joined with the original theatre building. It now hosts the puppet museum, creative laboratory, studio stage and workshop space


Puppet Museum

The museum introduces the collection of puppets manufactured in Drak Theatre since its foundations until today. It also maps the period of when Josef Krofta, Jan Borna, Jakub Krofta and others worked as directors. Visual artists exhibiting their works are František Vítek, Petr Matásek or Marek Zákostelecký. The puppets come from famous productions such as “Zlatovláska,” “Píseň Života,” “Pinocchio,”or from international projects, such as “Mor na ty vaše rody” and “Jánošík,” to name just a few.

The museum venue is composed as a mysterious labyrinth provoking childish imagination and enables even adult visitors to temporarily disappear into a completely different space. Museum’s integral part is Drak’s multimedia laboratory – a modern playroom where children can try various theatrical professions via interactive simulators.


The second floor of Labyrint contains exhibition hall which hosts temporary exhibitions organised by the International Institute of Figurative Theatre.

Schools or visiting groups are offered guided tours in the museum. Guided tours can be ordered separately or as a part of Puppet Museum tour.