The series of educational programmes offers children as well as young people the possibility to experience theatre via their direct participation. Based on their own hands-on experience participants reveal the secret of theatre-making as well as learn how to perceive and understand theatre. They are led to a positive relation to theatre, active spectatorship and to their won creative activity.

Programmes do not require any previous experience nor any specific skills. They are suitable for pupils and students from nursery to secondary schools. They are built to correspond with Framework Education Programme; besides further reference to many education areas and interdisciplinary themes, they constitute a significant contribution to the development of key competences.

Productions related workshops correspond with particular productions from Drak Theatre. They enable the participants to explore wider context of the performance or its central themes. They inspire curiosity, extend the ability to perceive, interpret and reflect upon dramatic art.

Thematic creative programmes are focused on particular issues connected to the field of theatre. They initiate participants’ interest in the given theme, as well as develop their need to experiment and discover. The participants learn in an entertaining and understandable way the principles of puppet theatre, the classics of international drama, history of Czech theatre, etc.

Hands-on theatre enables children to try in various individual workshops how different professions contribute to the creation of a theatrical production. Supervised by actors and pedagogues of Drak Theatre, for a limited time the participants become directors, actors, stage designers or musicians.